Empowering Medical Facilities to Take Charge

Zumedic Technologies is committed to delivering telehealth by simplifying and enhancing the virtual patient experience.  

We have been connecting numerous patients, caregivers, and medical providers to provide timely diagnosis and treatment.  We aim to reduce delays and communications gaps to achieve a new standard of care.


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Practical and Cutting Edge Technology Driven by Our Command Center and Telemed Providers

Our command center drives the routing making communications seamless and coordinated.  Our telemed providers are board certified internal medicine and emergency trained physicians, ARNPS, and PAs that understand post acute care medicine through practical experience.

Command Center Leadership


How our Telemed Post Acute Coverage Works

 Nursing identifies Patient Requiring Telemed Visit
We attend to patients with abnormal vitals, change in mental status, or emerging symptoms of a larger illness process and train.  We in service your staff to be familiar with telemedicine protocols and standards.

 Zumedic Telemedicine Cart/Robot is initiated
Your nurses just need to call or securely text with an app that links our command center to initiate care. 

 Command Center Routes to Medical Provider
Our staff helps to make the necessary connections between your nurses and our skilled medical staff.  Our average response times are about 5-10 minutes.

 Zumedic Medical Provider attends to patient
If patient stays in facility, a medical note is placed in the patient’s electronic chart and communication is relayed to facility medical provider.  If deemed that patient is necessary to be hospitalized, Zumedic provider will contact ED for sign out.

We Drive Value for Our Pre and Post Acute Partners through Targeting Quality Goals and Metrics*

  Return to Acute Care Reduction by 73.3%
 Average Response Time 4.2 minutes
 Average Duration of Visit 10.9 minutes

* 2 year data obtained in FL region

Project Cost Saves and Better Patient Care

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Technology Partners

We are actively engaged in developing the telemedicine space with our technology partners.